strategic creative collective

Tell | short for teleology

"The study of design and purpose"

We study the design and purpose of business' to craft meaningful relationships between their brand and the world it’s trying to change through design and video.

This strategic approach saves our clients time and money by finding the most effective route to reach their target audience.

What We Do

Our strenghts are in design, animation, and video production

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    Web design, branding, social, and print.

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    Explainer videos, commercials, branding, case studies, and presentation videos as well as architectural rendering.

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    Video Production

    Documentaries, commercials, short films, and aerial footage.

  • Why video?

    In the digital heavy world we live in, video has been proven as the most effective marketing tool--It captivates, educates, and attracts your target audience like nothing else can. Combining the power of video with the necessary foundation of a well-designed brand is what Tell was built to do.

  • Who do we work with?

    We work with a select group of clients who have one unique common factor--they want to make the world a better place.

The Collective... 

"In people, above anything else, is where you find the true teleology (design and purpose) of any business"

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